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Financial Advisory


Financial Advisory

“He was wiser then than he is now - he used frequently to take my advice.”

-Winston Churchill

The right advice in the right amounts from the right source is a primary company asset. Conversely, the wrong advice in the wrong amounts from the wrong source is a primary company liability.

Gomerdinger & Associates is passionately committed to being on the right side of this formula. That’s why Gomerdinger & Associates conducts in-depth intake interviews and evaluation—to determine appropriate management advisory services, timing and responsibilities. We offer:

Information System Evaluation

  • Analysis of software needs for all aspects of accounting
  • Cost/benefit analysis of in-house accountant and/or general ledger systems
  • Development of internal controls
  • Training and follow-up

Internal Control and Information System Analysis

  • Staffing needs—quantity and capabilities
  • Internal controls/segregation of duties
  • Efficiency-procedures, systems
  • Information system capabilities, ease of use, inter-program integration
  • Assistance with interviewing, evaluation, hiring and training of accounting staff

Acquisit​​ion/Sale of Business

  • Business valuation
  • Analysis of capital needs for acquisition
  • Assistance with bank financing
  • Analysis of cash flow needs upon purchase
  • Allocation of purchase price by asset type to minimize taxes

Business Plans and Bank Loan Packages

  • Business plan development
  • Forecasted financial statements
  • Assessment of interest rate and loan covenants
  • Assessment of capital needs for a new business or expansion

Seminars and Specialized Training

  • Workshops featuring tax planning opportunities
  • Business succession planning seminars
  • QuickBooks 101 for business owners and bookkeepers
  • Retirement options
  • Investment options for individuals and businesses
  • Education/tax savings
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Financing for a succession plan with the SBA