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Working towards many happy returns…and more!

Gomerdinger & Associates seeks out companies wanting a return on their CPA investment, not just a completed return. And, the firm works hard to help clients avoid unexpected surprises.

Gomerdinger & Associates’ true value is in a world larger than, “Drop off your data, and we’ll spit you out a computerized return.”

Even seemingly simple tax returns can become complex. Having a tax preparer who knows all the latest regulations, and who will diligently apply them to a client’s tax return is an important asset. Accountants who underestimate the challenge, lack up-to-date knowledge or are unwilling to use “elbow grease” to find the right answers can prove devastating down the road.

To help ensure that a growing company receives all the tax-related services it needs, we offer an in-depth menu:

Income Tax Return Preparation

  • C & S Corporations
  • Partnerships, General and Limited Liability
  • Individuals
  • Estate, Gift and Trusts


Tax Research and Planning

  • Minimizing tax obligations for individuals and businesses
  • What-if situations
  • Lease vs. Buy decisions
  • Choice of entity
  • Personal and estate tax planning
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Succession planning


Payroll, Sales and Property Tax Reporting and Compliance

  • Coordination with outside payroll service providers
  • Evaluation of required payroll wages and withholding
  • Personal property tax reports