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Industries Services

Service based businesses have KPI’s that are unique to their business model.  Whether a marketing, architecture, engineering, consulting, or custom software developer businesses, you must pay attention to certain analytics which can mean the difference between a high margin firm or a business on constant life support.  Gomerdinger & Associates has an understanding of professional services and can help owners strategically track and examine their business. 




Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers operate on thin margins and find even the smallest costs savings can go directly to the bottom line.  Companies must keep a close eye on the cash conversion cycle and taking a strategic look at the financial statements can drastically alter their bank balance.

How can Gomerdinger & Associates help you? We combine deep industry knowledge, extensive resources and personalized service to optimize business processes that reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize profitability.



Things can change quickly and keeping up is challenging. This is particularly true in the construction industry where changes to environmental, labor, and taxation policies and regulations can be overwhelming. Competition within the industry is intense and understanding your costs and financial statements can be the determining factor in profitability on your jobs.  We can help you understand how they impact your business, also, how to grow and succeed.


Food & Restaurant Industry

The food and beverage industry faces on-going pressure from continually rising customer expectations, which they must balance with rising food and labor costs.  It is vital that businesses understand their costs and maximize their margins.  Gomerdinger & Associates has experience working with business owners to help them understand their financial statements so they can more efficiently run their businesses.  



Technology is fast paced and companies must have systems to keep up.  Before you know it, you can easily be submersed in wave upon wave of metrics and corresponding acronyms — customer acquisition cost (CAC), annual recurring revenue (ARR), annual contract value (ACV), and lifetime value (LTV), just to name a few. At its worst it can be like searching for clear answers in a bowl of alphabet soup.