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About Our Firm

What We Do

Gomerdinger & Associates, LLC offers a full range of tax, financial and management advisory services to closely held businesses and the professional individual. Our management advisory and tax planning services take us far beyond the typical CPA practice for small to midsized businesses. At the same time, we’ are cohesive enough to ensure that you do not get lost in the organization. We specialize in retail, wholesale, construction, manufacturing, not for profits and professional service industries. Specific capabilities include:

Tax Services: Income tax return preparation; tax research and planning; sales and property tax reporting.

Financial Services: Financial reporting, both business and personal; business valuations; bookkeeping services; budgeting and forecasting

Management Advisory Services: Information system evaluation; internal control; acquisition/sale of business; succession plans; business plans and loan packages; seminars and specialized training.

Comments from Clients and Colleagues

"Cindy is a very professional, intelligent go-to resource; and those attributes are reflected in her firm. I like her personal, hands-on approach . And she's able to expand her scope of services to match our growth needs—no more or less than we need."
Linda Jacobs, Owner, Mountain Man Welding, Client
"We interviewed approximately eight CPA firms originally, and decided on Gomerdinger & Associates because they focus on businesses the size we were aimed at becoming. I don't need Cindy to make my decisions, but I need to make informed decisions. Cindy does a very, very fine job of advising me."
Bob Prall, President, Sound-Tech Marketing, Client
"I know when I send prospective clients to Cindy that they will get the knowledge, experience and professionalism they expect."
Joel Russman, Attorney, Colleague
"She helped me through a difficult time when I fired my CPA. Cindy helped me understand so much more in the accounting world than I ever did before, due to her patience and knowledge on a practical level. She also helped me design a five-year budget.
Cindy and her team have outstanding follow-up. She purchased software that helps assess PayTech by comparing our company to other consulting companies. She is always thinking of ways to improve communication as well as having complete understanding of our business. She's awesome!"

Jan Allen, Principal, PayTech, Inc., Colleague
"I was astonished recently to hear Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes talk about a new tax credit for owners of vehicles weighing more than 6,000 pounds. Cindy apprised us about this tax provision back in 1999. She stays ahead of the game, and that helps us stay on track with current trends and developments."
Mark Lusky, Vice President, Lusky Enterprises, Inc., Client
"Our job is far more than just taxes. Our job is to help our clients make decisions that will make their businesses ever more successful. This differs substantially from the industry standard-which is doing tax returns without conducting a review and cross-checking information for accuracy. I know a lot of CPAs, and Cindy is far and away the best."
Amy Miller, former accounting firm owner who liked Gomerdinger & Associates so much she joined the firm.
"She reviews our books, prepares our returns and does tax planning. What stands out as ‘outstanding service' is her ability to explain complex tax info in simple terms that we can understand. We can call her with any questions, no matter how trivial, and she always has time for us. Cindy is extremely smart, personable and helpful. Her staff is exceptional. She’s truly concerned about the success of our business. That makes her services above and beyond typical CPA firms."
Debbie Hanson, Principal, Mountain Wireless, Client
"The value of the firm's knowledge grows as we get bigger. They help us determine directions for our business, and provide good objective information from which to make decisions. With their experienced help, we can project ahead and see what the numbers are, and generate the right reports."
Linda Morris, Principal, RL Sonography, Inc., Client


Tunnelvision OR Panavision?

Some CPAs are so narrowly focused on their specialty that they do not research or consider information that could help them better help their clients. Others try to be all things to all people, and client service suffers from being spread too thin - either in expertise or resources. We avoid both extremes.

We offer diversified experience, many points of view, and searching until we find the right answers. We know our limits, in terms of expertise and resources. We will not take on a job we are not thoroughly equipped to do. Nothing goes out of our office without undergoing a comprehensive review... a "checks and balances" system, if you will.

What We Don't Do

Play fast and footloose with numbers, regulations or requirements.

Willingly breach ethical or legal standards to satisfy a client.

Take on a client if business structure or needs do not fit our core competencies.

Tell a client what he or she wants to hear at the expense of best practices.

Expand beyond Cindy Gomerdinger's ability to oversee and supervise client activities.